Made in Denmark

#moxeystips makes a return to European soil this week. In what is a relatively weak field by world golf standards – check out my tips for the Northern Trust here – there are three or four real standouts to take the W here. Somehow, Pieters aside, these guys are higher than the price of the favourites Stateside, where the tournament is so much more open. Continue reading “Made in Denmark”


THREE must have Fantasy Footballers

New teams, managers, players. In just eight days time the greatest competition in the world returns to our screens. As the transfer market rumbles on, and on, further down the path of that-means-he-earns-£1000-a-minute ridiculousness, managers everywhere are scouting for that one gem, that one hit-the-ground-running bargain that will light the spark on their championship charge, sail to safety or – spare me Arsenal fans – … Continue reading THREE must have Fantasy Footballers